Welcome to U Massage

Are you stressed, experiencing muscle pains, headaches or insomnia? U Massage offers a wide range of massage and acupuncture therapy, which are not only relaxing but also provides medical and health benefits.

Massage Therapy relieves pain, promotes relaxation, improves both physical and emotional health and removes toxins from muscles through the manipulation of soft tissues and muscles. We treat a variety of conditions including back pains, neck pains, tennis elbow, joint points and headaches through remedial massage.

Acupuncture therapy is a collection of procedures involving the penetration of the skin with needs to stimulate certain points on the body. Specific nerve points throughout the body are stimulated and these points send messages back to the brain which alters its pain and hormonal systems in response. Through acupuncture we help treat many different conditions including stress, fatigue, sport injuries and sprains.

All staff are qualified and certified remedial massage and acupuncture therapists.